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Saturday, December 31, 2005

God's Wonderful Creation - The Vicuna

I've always found studying God's creation to be a source of inspiration, and a reminder of how great God the creator is. Today, I've decided to study The vicuna.

The Vicuna (Pronounced vĬkoo´nye)

In the grassland plateaus of the high Andes only tough bunch grasses and festuca grow. Here, the harsh climate has dramatic temperature fluctuations, the sun's rays burn through the thin atmosphere by day, and the air drops to below freezing at night. The land is home to a delicate looking creature call the Vicuna.

The smallest member of the camelidae family, the Vicuna is perfectly suited for the mountainous environment, its heart is almost 50% larger than other animals its size, which makes it able to function in the thin air. The pads of its feet are designed to grip the rocks as the vicuna makes its way over the mountainous landscape. Its fine wool fiber has superior insulating properties and its resiliency is perfect for the extreme conditions the animals live in.

Because of its rarity (the vicuna dies in captivity and so can't be domesticated), the fiber was once only worn by Inca royalty. Today, it's considered the most luxurious legal fiber one can own. At $250.00 an ounce the fiber is used in textiles for the rich, if not famous.

Friday, December 30, 2005

What's this blogging business?

What is a blog? A blog is an online journal open for public viewing, a virtual room where only a fool would be inclined to share the secrets of his heart with the rest of the world.
"Blog" stands for "Web log,"-- slurred together it becomes blog. (A ship's log might be called a "Plog," and a captain's log a "Clog.")

Why a blog?:

Blogs are useful for:

Winning friends – The internet community has truly brought our world together, and blogging gives others the opportunity to share in our lives. It's a great tool to use to promote our passions, and our interests.

Making enemies – Unfortunately, most of our thoughts and comments really aren't fit to be shared. If you're mad at your husband, don't spout about it for the world to see. This is contrary to scripture and violates common sense. Private event really are best kept private.

Teaching – Blogs that offer knowledgeable information and advice have become like an online classroom. While it may be enticing to read about some stranger in California who spent the day surfing, my favorite blogs are the ones that draw from the author's experience to offer insight and advice.

This blog will share with you thoughts about the world colored with my point of view. Perhaps, as the blog matures it will develop to fulfill a particular niche, but until that time…Welcome! To the Wit and Wisdom of Janice LaQuiere.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Bride Most Begrudging

A Bride Most Begrudging is a tender love story of an independent English lady, Lady Constance Morrow, who is kidnapped and sold in the Virginia colonies as a tobacco bride. Her struggles to return to her beloved home are thwarted and she faces marriage Drew O'conner, the man who claimed her. The forced marriage sparks adoration for each other, but misperceptions tear at the fragile strands that hold the couple together, and threatens to separate them forever.

Deeanne Gist does a wonderful job at weaving this story against its historical backdrop. The writing is a bit earthy, but adds an authentic touch. While this is a refreshing change, the realities and hardships of life during the American Colonial period are portrayed with a frankness that some readers might find offensive.


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