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Thursday, September 28, 2006

WTBN Chapter Four: Time and Place

Chapter Four - Breakout Checklist (Summary): Time and Place

1. Every story has a context, whether it is emphasized or not.
2. Creating breakout time and place involves more than just describing setting
3. Using psychology of place means capturing how a place makes a point-of-view character feel.
4. Coney a sense of the times.
5. Portray historical forces and social trends through characters.
6. Unexpected tragedy or grace adds a senes of destiny at work.
7. Detail is the secret ingredient of breakout settings.

Setting sets the context. It includes time and place. Milieu, period, fashion, ideas, human outlook historical moment, spiritual mood, etc. It needs detail depicted in verbs and nouns.

Psychology of place:

How does setting make character feel?
(Character will see the setting as warm or harsh depending on her outlook.)

Create a relationship between character and place (Tricia sees her neighborhood as a refuge. When she forced out the neighborhood becomes threatening. Rocky's missing - swallowed up by the neighborhood. Strange things are happening...and then the neighborhood becomes an enemy.

What is the social posistion of your character? How do they feel about it?

Does her status rise or fall? She looses financial status as well as status in the eyes of her church. How can she tell?

In what ways is society evolving during this story?

The universe is bigger than ourselves, find a place to put in an unexpected moment of tragedy or grace. (The landlord lady who offers Tricia a place to stay - kick up the scene.)

Change the scene from the mundane (kitchen) to the extraordinary (...attic, backyard tent...)


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