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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Festival of Faith and Writing - 1

Today fit all the expectations of a lovely spring day in Grand Rapids, MI. The light scent from flowering trees drifted on the air.

The Festival of Faith and Writing is held at the Calvin College, a beautiful campus located not far from I-96. I arrived registered and acclimated myself to the surroundings. Unlike other writer's conferences I've attend, all the publishers represented have an exhibit table in the a single large room of the center. It was nice to be able to walk around and take in the editors and materials of a specific publisher.

After I registered I promptly left the grounds and took a short drive across town to the Grand Rapids Museum where they have the exhibit "Treasures of Ancient Egypt." It probably would've been more fitting to call it "The gods and religions through the history of Egypt." Apparently, according to the sign, what the ancient Egyptians couldn't control they made them gods and sought to appease. (I'm sure there is a lesson in here for us somewhere--I must admit, I'm led to think of all the behavioral problems that we rename a disease and medicate.) It was unique thinking about the Israelites living their life in the land of Egypt, a land of many gods, and how often they gave up their birthright of an inheritance which included the ONE TRUE God, in a land of multiple false gods.

With those observations in place I returned to the Festival. In days to come I'll share more of my notes, but it's late now, and I'll only share one final thought:

Writers are an introverted group. This isn't a surprise. With eyes averted they do anything to try and avoid the dreaded eye contact....But did I mention I saw some of the most interesting shoes today? ;-)


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