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Thursday, March 01, 2007

What IS God's Will???

Recently the question was asked: "How do I know if I' in God's Will?"

The easiest way is to look at scripture and see what God tells us to do. If we are following the principals and instructions in scripture we are following the will of God. Then there are those other decisions where it isn't as clear what we should do, and for those times it's helpful to have a litmus test:

1. Is it in keeping with scripture? (Obviously, if it's contrary to scripture it's a good sign you're doing the wrong thing.)

2. Is it in keeping with our other God given priorities? (for example: It's seldom right to put your child--clearly a God given priority--in childcare to volunteer at a soup kitchen.)

3. Is it glorifying to God?

4. Is it a wise decision? (Wisdom is from God...if everytime you make a decision you assess it and try to make the "wise" decision you're much more likely to be in the will of God.)

5. What are you root motivations? (Are you inclined to follow a course of action because of pride or self-centeredness, or because you're serving God or others. You're much more likely to fail the will of God if you let selfish reasons influence your thinking.)

A note on peace: Many people believe that peace is a comfort level, is the absence of stress in their life. They're wrong. I know many people who headed off in a wrong, and sometimes even sinful direction, claiming it was right because they "had peace about it." In my opinion peace is really the presence of faith, it's the belief that God will work things out even if you're following Him through some difficult challenges. Peace is the presence of faith.


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