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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

English Toffee

I'm in the midst of trying to decide what to make for my Christmas gifts. Usually it's some form of chocolates; filled, truffles, dipped nuts. And while I usually have this decision made by the end of November, we are now racing toward the middle of December and I still haven't reached a decision. I'm hoping that if I keep putting it off eventually I'll find the inspiration and energy to do something really interesting. So far, no go. But until then I'll revisit my private recipe file, and maybe even share one or two with you. ;)

English Toffee

2 pkg - 12oz sliced almonds (bottom layer & top)
2 pkg - Nestle Mini Morsels (middle layer)
In heavy dutch oven - 2 c. sugar, 1 lb butter, 2 T white Karo syrup, 6 T cold water - mix
Heat on med. to med. hi to a boil - turn heat down to med low - cook til 290 degrees exactly - no higher than 292 degrees on candy thermometer.
Stir constantly about 30 min.
Line jelly roll pan w/ half almonds, next layer 1/2 Nestle mini morsels then pour out toffee, layer of chocolate & almonds. Pat lightly. Let cool.
That's it. Hope I wrote clearly and


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