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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

There's new baby on the block...

I venture to say that not only is imitation a sincere form of flatter, but so is replacement. Having missed my dear budgie Bodie for all of twenty-four hours, I began the twenty-eight hour, by searching for another to fill the vacuum he left behind.

Five hours and five pet stores later....


Introducing Kindje (kin-chuh).

He's a young, 7 week old male, who already seems comfortable in his new home. Near as I can tell, he is a diluted, spangled, greywing, budgie, (or at least a greywing--I'm not really an expert on colors.) His name, Kindje, is from a Flemish lullaby my grandfather used to sing to us: "doll, doll, kindje doll." The translation being, "rock, rock, baby, rock."


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