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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Ranger's Anti-tumor Diet

I don't like change, and I don't like facing bad news, I'd much rather it pop up and surprise me.

My summer has been full of change--My sister-in-law had a baby, my brother married, and my sister married. And the potential for bad news was there as well; In the middle of wedding preparations with my sister, I discovered a large mass on my dog's neck. I didn't want to rush him to the vet...I really don't like facing bad news. To be told what? He had cancer, and that one week before my sister married. And what if he did? Ranger is 9 years old, and if it was malignant, with medical treatment it might add a year to his life. Instead, I put Ranger on an Anti-Cancer diet and chose to put the visit to the vet off until life settled down, and my sister returned from her honeymoon.

Unfortunately, in the meantime my bird got sick. I really only wanted to take one trip the vet, and after having been told that my bird had a tumor didn't want to be told the next day that my dog had a tumor. (Yes, I procrastinate.)

So a week ago, October 28, Joy and I took Ranger to the vet, and it was confirmed that he does have a mass, apparently in his lymph node. The needle biopsy showed cells that have the same characteristics of cancer cells. At that time we discussed the options with the vet. The mass is not in an area that easily operable. So we decided to not proceed with any further medical intervention. However, I have decided to continue with some natural healing techniques. And so for the curious here it is.

On September 8, I started Ranger on the Budwig Diet. I'd originally read about this years ago, in a book my grandfather had. I've studied it on and off since this. Basically it's flax seed oil, blended with cottage cheese into a paste. The cottage cheese is supposed to break down the oil and it's supposed to carry oxygen to the cellular level. Cancer dies in an oxygen rich environment. So I've been giving Ranger 1/4 cup of the flax seed oil mixture a day.

I also started him on systemic enzymes, which is supposed to help rid the body of fibrin. Supposedly there's a fibrin coating around cancer cells to keep it from being recognized by the body's immune system. I thought enzymes would help the immune system as well to allow the flax seed oil mixture to work more effectively. Beginning Sept. 8 I gave him 5 a day for the first week, gave him a week off, to help his body adjust and then increase it to 8 a day. After we came home from the vet, I doubled the amount I gave him, giving him 8 in the morning and 8 in the evening. I also switched to Omnizyme Forte because the pancreatic enzymes is supposed to be a strong fibrin fighter.

I added 300 mg of CO-Enzyme Q10. Which is supposed to be a powerful anti-oxidant, as well as boosting the immune system, and is included in many cancer diets.

For really no explainable reason (because there's hundreds of possible things to take to try and fight cancer.) I also put Ranger on 1200 mg. Red Rice Yeast. Early research shows that it may inhibit and even reduce tumor growth.

We'll see how it goes.

Cody (blond) and Ranger (black)


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