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February 18, 2007

Emily Ever After

Emily Ever After
Author: Anne Dayton, May Vanderbilt
Publisher: Broadway (June 7, 1005), 320 pages

From the hick town of Jenks, CA, Emily Henton fulfills her dream and arrives in NYC aiming to change the world. Her editorial job at Morrow and Sons is the perfect backdrop for her new image, and she attracts the attention of the sophisticated Bennett Edward Wyeth the III. Back in California, Emily's girlfriend Jenna questions some of Emily’s decision, while Jacob, Emily’s boyfriend in first grade officially breaks up with her leaving her to pursue the man of her dreams. Emily just isn’t sure who the man of her dreams is. When her visions for the future begin to unravel Emily must decide what “ever after” really looks like.

This endearing title offers Emily’s first-person observations in a witty and often sarcastic manner as she struggles to fit in where she doesn’t really belong. However, Emily also portrays an attitude toward everyone who has not reached her level of sophistication. At times, Emily’s Christianity seems little more than a belief in God with accompanying guilt. Throughout the story the reader witnesses the gradual decay of Emily’s principles, and it’s helpful to see how little concessions lead a person away from their beliefs. Afraid to be different, Emily begins to drink, and accept the advances of her boyfriend until she finds herself cuddling beneath the covers. It is disappointing that Emily never comes to the point of acknowledging her failures.

Genre: Inspirational Fiction, Chick-lit
Audience: Women between the ages of 18-30
Language: euphemisims
Morality: suggested improprieties
Sex: None Substance use: Alcohol
Violence: N/A

Discussion topics: Spiritual discussion topics are included at the end of the book which address some of the character's flaws and decisions.



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