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February 18, 2007

Violette Between: A Novel

Violette Between: A Novel
Author: Alison Strobel
Publisher: WaterBrook Press, 266 pages

Violette, a passionate artist, believes she has overcome the pain of her tragic past. When Christian, a marriage and family psychologist, begins to pursue Violette he discovers that he competes with her late husband, Saul, for her affection, creating a unique lover's triangle. A freak accident shoves Violette into a world of memories that entice her to live within their grasp. She must chose between the happiness of yesterday or an uncertain future.

Alison Strobel does a brilliant job weaving three love stories into one and making both past and present relationships come alive. Her simple yet vivid portrayal of events paints a moving picture for the reader.

At times, the apparent theology of the characters is inconsistent with their actions, causing the reader to wonder at what point did they become true Christians. There is also prominent inclusion of a homosexual character, not unusual in the art world, but other than adding color to the story his alternative lifestyle didn't seem to advance the plot. While Violette was comfortable with it in her storybook world the casual acceptance of his lifestyle made my spiritual conscience tingle.

Genre: Christian Fiction - Women's
Audience: Adults
Language: Occasional euphemisms
Morality: The alternative lifestyle of a homosexual friend is casually accepted
Romance: An occasional kiss
Sex: Implied between husband and wife
Substance use: occasional social drinking
Violence: None
List of Discussion Topics: None



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