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February 23, 2007

In Every Flower, A Novel

In Every Flower, A Novel
Author: Hill, Patti
Publisher: Bethany House, 316 pages

Widowed with a son, Mibby McManus thought she was ready to move forward with her life, until she returns from her honeymoon with her new husband, Larry. Her efforts to make her second marriage succeed are threatened by her rebellious teenage son and an interfering mother-in-law. Despite Larry's continual acts of kindness, the memories of Mibby's first husband shadow her. God requires her to surrender her problems to His care, but is she willing to trust Him with everything?

Sown amongst the beauty of Colorado gardens, Patti Hill weaves a story of love and second-chances as she addresses conflicts familiar to many women. While the search for peace often leads to the necessity of surrendering to God "our Isaac," what becomes obvious is that few of us have Abraham's faith.

Genre: Christian Fiction, Contemporary, Women's
Audience: Adult women
Language: mild (one euphemism, one obscene word)
Morality: Upstanding
Romance: A growing romance between a married couple.
Sex: non-graphic, between a married couple.
Substance use: Rebellious teen gets drunk
Violence: Someone gets slapped

Discussion topics: none



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