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February 18, 2007

Having a Mary Spirit: Allowing God to Change us from the Inside Out

Having a Mary Spirit
Allowing God to change us from The Inside Out

Weaver, Joanna
Waterbrook Press, 272 pages

In her new book, Having a Mary Spirit, Joanna Weaver, introduces us to the super-antagonist known as Flesh Women, our evil alter ego. As our sinful nature struggles to control us, she leads us on a journey to discover our own Mary spirit. The journey isn't easy. On the way we learn to identify where in our life Flesh Women exists, and to turn her over to Christ for banishment to the lower realms.

We all have our core issues; struggles of discouragement, self-worth, pride, fear, bitterness, gossip, envy, lies, ingratitude, etc. These must be identified and destroyed before we can be the woman God created us to be. Yet it isn't our own doing that brings about change. As Joanna points out, being with Jesus Christ isn't enough, we need His Spirit in us. Step-by-step, Joanna strives to bring the reader closer to His Spirit.

I found Having a Mary Spirit to be a wonderful encouragement for my own Christian life. With chapters such as "A Mary Heart," "Twisted Sisters," "Mind Control," "The Flesh Women Diet," and "Spirit Led," Joanna instills in the reader a desire to seek a change in her own life. Through humorous anecdotes, Joanna shares with the reader from her own experience and warns her of the pitfalls she might uncover in her own journey to create a Mary-like spirit.

Included in this book are many beneficial sidebars that offer practical advice for our journey.



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