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March 7, 2007

Larkspur Dreams

Larkspur Dreams
Author: Higman, Anita and Thompson, Janice
Publisher: Heartsong Presents, 176 pages

When Everett Holden III moves to Eureka Springs in search of a quiet working environment, he finds himself involuntarily drawn into the quirky lives of his street mates. No one is as intriguing as his irreverent neighbor Larkspur, who is as beautiful as she is impetuous. The two couldn't be more dissimilar. But her whimsical efforts to draw him out continue to remind him of a painful past.

In this modern day fairytale, the reader is drawn into the delightful world of children's book illustrator Larkspur Wendell. We are reminded that we must let go of our fears in order to fully experience the joy God has in store for us. Witty dialogue, funny scenes, and tender feelings will make you yearn for your own favorite children's book, or at least give you a desire to curl up with a cup of hot chocolate brimming with marshmallows.

Genre: Christian Fiction, romance
Audience: Women 18-55
Language: None
Morality: Excellent
Romance: kissing, hugging
Sex: None
Substance use: None
Violence: Someone gets slapped

Discussion topics: none



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