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Friday, June 15, 2007

Fence me in!

Today my uncle's westie Daisy was hit by a car. It's a sad ending to an otherwise wonderful week. Daisy lived on an alpaca farm. She considered herself the queen of her domain and she spent her time catching moles and chasing deer away. Her courageous spirit overshadowed her meager size. She ruled both the front yard and back pasture indiscriminately. She loved her family, bringing home her "prizes" to the front door for praise. It was when she trailed the family car out of the driveway that she went onto the road and was hit by another vehicle.

I spent last week with Daisy. I arrived for my cousin's wedding. It was a great time; I visited with friends and family, helped out, went sight-seeing, and had a great time, except for Ranger. My black lab wanted to sight-see as much as I did, but his wanderings tended to take him beyond the pasture fence and farm gates, but I wasn't worried about the ticks hidden in the overgrowth. I was more concerned about the two lane road a hundred feet out the front door and up the hill. While the other dogs wandered the property I tried to keep tabs on my dog, continually checking in on him and asking "Where's Ranger?"

Even locking him up didn't bring the security of knowing he was safe while I was away. Eventually he'd bark, someone would let him out; and the fences were insecure. Three hours after the wedding I learned that he was let out and had wandered onto the road. God's grace and a friend sent him back to safety.

We should pray for a hedge of protection around our loved ones. Satan is searching for those whom he may devour. But often it is our own hearts that lead us beyond the safety God has given to us. Pray that God erects strong fences that'll keep us secure from our own foolishness.

Ranger - Inside the fence


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