Wit 'n Wisdom of Janice LaQuiere

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Eight interesting things...

Recently, on a writer's group, this icebreaker was being passed around. I was tagged to post. Though I've declined to tag others. ;)

1. My birthdate (written in the style of 00/00/00) has the numeral 7 in it three times. The only other numeral is 0.
2. In my personal life I cook for between 15-23 people on a daily basis.
3. When I was 5, my dad introduced me to Adam-12, I've been a fan of police drama ever since.
4. My last name is pronounced la-choir.
5. I taught myself how to do bobbin lace.
6. Occasionally, I run on a semi-regular basis. ;)
7. I used to think ankle splints were supports you bought to put around weak ankles. (Don't laugh!)
8. I grow my own kefir.


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