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March 20, 2007

Lightning And Lace

Lightning And Lace
Author: Mills, DiAnn
Publisher: Barbour Publishing, 317 pages

Brother Travis Whitworth enters Kahlerville, Texas looking like a Tennessee mountain man, but he isn't prepared for such a chilly reception. Taking the reins of Piney Wood Church promises to be a challenge when he immediately offends Bonnie Kahler, the reverend's widowed step-daughter, and creates an enemy of her son Zack.

After another confrontation with Bonnie, Brother Travis accepts the volatile position of becoming Zack's guardian. As the relationship between the boy and the man grow, Bonnie finds her own heart doing strange things, even while acts of vandalism threaten the town. When a woman is found murdered though, the town's leading citizen casts suspicion on both Brother Travis and Zack.

DiAnn Mills penned an exciting romance with a character that displayed the heart of a genuine hero even while unique plot twists kept me turning pages trying to guess the identity of the real killer. Though a few of the secondary characters were one dimensional and the murder investigation lacked skill the growing relationship between two characters at odds with each other warmed the soul.

Genre: Christian Fiction, romance
Audience: Women 18-55
Orthodoxy: God will give us strength to face life's burdens
Adult Themes: Adultery, infidelity, prostitution
Language: None
Morality: Upstanding between main characters
Romance: Growing attraction between minister and widow
Sex: None
Substance use: None
Violence: fist fight, murder,

Discussion topics: none



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