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April 5, 2007

A Valley of Betrayal: Book 1 by Tricia Goyer

A Valley of Betrayal: Book 1 (Chronicles of the Spanish Civil War Series)
Author: Goyer, Tricia
Publisher: Moody Press, 320 pages

With her blue wedding dress carefully packed, artist Sophie Grace journeys to Spain to wed her beloved Michael. After civil unrest closes the Spanish border, Sophie must rely on the generosity of a mysterious stranger to get her into Spain. Her reunion with Michael is bittersweet as war erupts. While Sophie wonders if Michael's passion for her has cooled she finds herself in love with the Spanish people.

A Valley of Betrayal offers insight to the make-up of foreign soldiers who fought on behalf of the Spanish people. A precursor to WWII, it foreshadows the future fight between the world and Nazi Germany. Tricia Goyer's strong writing creates vivid descriptions and draws the reader into the personal lives of the characters. Her carefully chosen proverbs, many of which are Spanish sayings, add a nice accent to each chapter. War is a struggle of two opposing factions, but as Goyer shows us, in each heart a battle rages. I look forward to the second book in this series.

Genre: Christian Fiction,
Orthodoxy: We may fight the battle, but it's the Lord who determines who'll win the war.
Adult Themes: War, Communism,
Language: None
Morality: Off-screen evidence of an immoral relationship between secondary characters
Romance: Kissing, hand-holding
Sex: None
Substance use: smoking
Violence: A bullfight leads to the bull's death. Bombs drop destroying people and property, ground forces kill.

Discussion topics: none



Tricia Goyer said...

Thank you! You did a great job descripting the story! If you like this book, you'll LOVE book #2!

April 6, 2007 4:13 PM  

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