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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It's been awhile...

...since I've posted, it's the result of a very busy summer. But tonight I was scrolling through my old files and found this little diddy I wrote to a friend who didn't like one of my favorite authors.


What! No Dr. Suess?
(I can't believe you're running loose.)
How can you say the Grinch is bad
when a too small heart was all he had?
And you flunk my hero "Horton",
Whose loyal stance brought trouble court'n.
Does not your heart with pride ring
when Bartholomew stilts with the king?
Yes, we should never hop on pop,
but not all his books are such a flop.
A parable you'll find inside,
An Aesop tale, now don't deny--
An elephant's faithful 100%
And my heart's as strong as an elephant's.
Now when I see some empty pants,
I do not give a second glance.
Those words of fear, I say inside,
and to myself I do not lie.
I pay no attention to the stars
but rejoice with those who have them on "thars".
When right is right, I hold my view
Even when scoffed for protecting the "WHO."
Like Aesop and Grimm, there's truth to unfold,
even by Suess and the tales that he's told.


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