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April 15, 2007

The Plight of Matte Gordon

The Plight of Mattie Gordon
Author: Leach, Jeanne Marie
Publisher: Treble Heart Books, 179 pages

Living on her Colorado ranch, Mattie Gordon's complacent world is jarred when bounty hunter Cyrus Braydon shows up with a Wanted: Dead or Alive poster bearing the image of her adored son, Will. If Braydon thinks she's going to sit idly by while he hunts down her only son, he has a lesson to learn. But Braydon isn't the only one learning a lesson. As Mattie races to reach her son, she's forced to form an unlikely alliance with Will's would be captor, and can't ignore Cyrus's compassion toward her. Her loyalty is torn when Will threatens Cyrus's life and prays for God's salvation for both of them.

The Plight of Mattie Gordon took me back to the Roy Rogers and Gene Autry novels I used to devour. Jeanne Leach writes along the same vein as she guides the reader down a trail of a good versus evil. While there were a couple of editorial errors, I hope they will be corrected in future copies. This was a quick read that kept me turning the pages.

Genre: Christian Fiction,
Audience: Young Adult/Adult
Orthodoxy: Sometimes God uses the most unlikely people to point out our failures and set us on the right path
Adult Themes: N/A
Language: None
Morality: Excellent
Romance: A kiss
Sex: None
Substance use: None
Discussion topics: none



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