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May 4, 2007

Meeting Her Match

Meeting Her Match
Author: Clopton, Debra
Publisher: Love Inspired, 247 pages

When the elderly female "posse" set their sights on finding a suitable helpmeet for Sheri, she decides to foil their plans by adopting a temporary boyfriend.

The new cowboy in town, Pace Gentry, doesn't want any part of Sheri's plan. Even if she is adorable, she's one of the most aggravating females he's met. In pursuit of her decoy, Sheri learns that one look at those big cowboy eyes of Pace's, and her deception just might prove to be more than her heart can handle.

Debra Clopton creates colorful characters with an upbeat plot that engages the reader. Feisty Sheri, in her red boots seems more than a match for the strong loner cowboy. Though with her quick temper and constant sharp tongue, I sometimes wondered why her Cowboy bothered to stick around at all. At times, I thought a little too much vinegar ran through Sheri's blood. But beyond their exterior, the characters are forced to confront their hidden faults and understand the Biblical lesson of patience and forgiveness.

Genre: Christian Fiction, Romance
Orthodoxy: We may have to push beyond our feats to follow God's leading
Audience: Christian Women
Language: None
Morality: Good
Romance: Kissing, hand-holding
Sex: No
Substance use: No
Violence: No

Discussion Questions: Yes



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