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May 4, 2007

Spoke of Love

Spoke of Love
Author: Hake, Cathy Marie
Publisher: Heartsong Presents,170 pages

After discovering a woman chained like an animal to a hitching post, a Colonial widower parts with his few coins to free her from her abusive master. Despite impulsively purchasing the bride's papers, Samuel Walsh has no interesting in joining himself in marriage to the mute woman.

Sold for her late husband's debt, Garnet Wheelock is sent across the ocean as a New World bride. A horrific ship ride is eclipsed the cruelty of her new master. When she's rescued by a stranger she shows her gratitude by laboring diligently for his family's well-being. She can mother Master Walsh's children, but can she overcome her fears and trust him with her heart.

Set in Colonial Virginia, Cathy Hake tells a charming love story of two broken hearts who depend upon God's providence and each others' care to find security and peace.

Genre: Christian Fiction, Historical Romance
Orthodoxy: God gives His blessings in surprising and unexpected ways.
Audience: Christian Women between 18-80
Language: None
Morality: Upstanding
Romance: hand-holding, huddles for warmth
Sex: None
Substance use: None
Violence: None

Discussion topics: None



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