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Friday, May 30, 2008

You Have My Ring on your Finger

Janice LaQuiere

It isn't quite enough to say "I do" anymore,
For folks have said and said those words before.
But when the days grow long and cold,
Time lies still, the days get old,
Just remember then, you have my ring on your finger.

"Love," they say, "has passed away,"
Just like the world of yesterday,
But between us two it is enough,
If times get hard, and the days get rough,
To remember that you have my ring on your finger.

I will hold and care for you tonight,
And in the morning, then will come the light.
I will show you can depend on me,
Through time of life and day in need,
Just hold on fast to my ring on your finger.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Pigs and Dirt

Try to clean a pig,
And forever more that's what you'll do.
It's more than dirt they love to dig,
But muck & mire & compost stew.

Try to wash a hog,
To keep it from the brine,
It will wallow in the bog,
For it, indeed, is swine.

Try to save a foolish one,
From a foolish past.
They'll come to hate what you have done,
Your deeds, on them, will never last.

by Janice LaQuiere


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