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December 5, 2007

Remembered - Fountain Creek Chronicles #3

Remembered – Fountain Creek Chronicles #3
Author: Alexander, Tamera
Publisher: Bethany House, 381 pages

Forced to fulfill the dying wish of her mother, Veronique Girard leaves her life of privilege and her beautiful France for the wild landscape of Colorado Territory. Her search for her missing father, a man she barely remembers, leads to the necessary purchase of one finely built freight wagon and brings her into contact with trail weary Jack Brennan.

After years of leading families to a new life in the west, Jack Brennan decides to put away the memories of the family he lost and begin a new life in Willow Springs. His job as a freighter takes him to surrounding mining towns. He didn't count on playing escort to French aristocracy, but only through the unlikely partnership does he have hopes of fulfilling his own dreams.

Tamera Alexander is fast becoming one of my favorite authors. Her vivid stories plunge me into the events and keeps me turning pages. As both hero and heroine rely on God's help to reach their goals they learn that sometimes God's plans differ from our own.

Language: None
Morality: Good. A man waits outside the bathing room waiting for a lady. After incident with a skunk a woman separates herself from her male companion and baths in a creek.
Romance: Yes
Sex: None
Substance use: None



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